For our summer issue, the authors critically discuss the role of corruption in Nigeria and Africa more broadly. We explore its visible effects on infrastructure, public services, and economic growth; we delve into government offices and bureaucratic institutions where bribery and nepotism thrive; we discuss how corruption distorts markets, and perpetuates inequality; and we unpack how this leads to the erosion of trust, social tensions, and the brain drain phenomenon.

Declining State of Public Trust In Governance 

It is hard to trust a government that has left its citizens as prey to

The Exit of Brig. Gen. M Fadah: Lessons for the Incoming NYSC DG

Brig. Gen. Fadah was seen by the majority as a stooge, a man who lacked

The Albatross of Africa’s Anti-Corruption Crusades

If African countries must transit from the age-long status of “developing countries” to that of

Nigeria’s Egregious Elect

It is thus telling that an amendment that is poised to make Nigeria’s democratic process

Nigerian Presidential Battle Heads to Court: Who Will Emerge Victorious?

The 2023 Nigerian Presidential Election has been marred by allegations of fraud and irregularities, leading to protests and legal challenges from both the losing and winning sides.

The 2023 Presidential Election: A Conspiracy Theory

‘If it was not INEC’s intention to scam its client – the "president-select", as people have taken to calling the alleged winner – then it has, quite simply, done an

The CBN & the Cashless Economy Humdrum

Since the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) made another vain attempt to reintroduce the ill-conceived policy of pegging the withdrawal

The Case of Marginalised Democrats in west Africa

The historical context of colonialism and foreign intervention in west Africa has created a political landscape that has been characterised

Africa’s Romance with Neo-Colonialism

African states in the post-colonial period are often unable to assert their independence and sovereignty effectively, and this makes them

Critical Issues on Restructuring & Devolution of Powers

After 23 years of bad leadership since the return to democratic rule in 1999, Nigerians yearn for a selfless and