Gozie Irogboli

Gozie Irogboli

Gozie Irogboli is an economist and a public policy analyst.

Why Nigerians are demanding a fresh presidential election

Those who revolt against the demand for an interim government and yet turn blind eye to the electoral fraud witnessed

7 Min Read

Nigeria 2023 Election: Violence, Xenophobia, and Electoral Malpractice

The promotion of ethnic politics is shrinking our democratic space and brewing a culture of impunity and violence.

19 Min Read

The 2023 Presidential Election: A Conspiracy Theory

‘If it was not INEC’s intention to scam its client – the "president-select", as people have taken to calling the

14 Min Read

An Open Letter to Our President-Elect

'As you warm up to assume office, you must consult widely, engage constructively and reflect deeply on your mandate.' Dear

10 Min Read

Nigeria and the False Notion of Leadership

‘In Nigeria, leadership, like most terms and concepts, is grossly abused and distorted. The Nigerian public’s perception of leadership is

16 Min Read

The Obidient Movement and the Critical Issues in the Forthcoming Election

‘Without a doubt, the Obidient Movement has won the battle in the court of public opinion and has dominated the

16 Min Read

The CBN & the Cashless Economy Humdrum

Since the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) made another vain attempt to reintroduce the ill-conceived policy of pegging the withdrawal

12 Min Read

Tinubu and His Cut-and-Paste Manifesto

Tinubu’s manifesto is exactly what it is: a matter-of-course document presented to fulfil all righteousness.

11 Min Read

A Realistic Look at Wike’s War Against PDP

Wike’s case is a classical case of power illusion. He erroneously thought he had the party in his pocket, but

10 Min Read

Wike and His False Sense of Entitlement

Wike is a bad loser, a myopic swashbuckler dancing to a macabre drumbeat of some obscure drummers that would ultimately

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